Saturday, October 13, 2012

How to Stay and Survive in Airoli (Navi Mumbai)

Markets: Sectors 7 to 9 have good markets. Most of the things for daily necessities would be available at walking distance. The situation is very bad for Sectors 1 to 4 as there are very few good markets nearby.

Water: Water supply is scarce and the buildings regulate water supply. In some buildings water may be available for a few hours each day. You have to store water for use later.
Drinking water is a big problem and you have to depend on Bisleri 20 liter jars. This is the only reliable water source for drinking water. The water has some problems in it and you would suffer from unexplained stomach problems. 

Transport: Local train station and bus station are located in Sector 3. Local trains come at an average interval of 8 to 10 minutes. During peak hours, few trains can run full. 

Mobile towers: Due to highways and main-roads nearby, Airoli is infested with mobile towers. If you are taking a house on rent, carefully scan the neighboring buildings during the day for mobile towers.