Tuesday, March 15, 2011

List of business ideas for India

Here is a list of new business ideas that I am compiling.
1. Online document printing service business idea for India: You email them the documents, they will take a print of it and send it to its destination by traditional mail.
2. Portable toilets with attenders: Portable toilets with 5 star facilities and attenders for cleaning.
3. Portable kitchen on wheals: You can rent it out to catering companies who can use it for outdoor parties. Will have all amenities required for a commercial kitchen.
4. Generate electricity using human excreta or night soil waste: Make toilets around slums and give free access to toilets. Use a bio-gas plant to generate gas and use gas to run generator for electricity.
5. Overnight stay Dormitory chain business idea: In India, hotels are expensive for the poor person. You can build cheap dormitories and charge very less money.
6. Small warehouse business idea: Small shopkeepers don't have money to hire storage space or warehouse space, you can provide space at a very low rate.
7. Locker business idea for India: There are lockers to keep your valuable in banks but are very expensive. There are small companies offering locker service but they cant grow their business as the common man finds its unaffordable. You can offer a cheap service of lockers.
8. Vehicle that works of compressed air which is compressed using solar energy: Sterling engine.
9. Instant dal rice:
10. News / events timeline website:
11. Facebook for the dead website idea:
12. Mall type picnic spot with temples business idea:
13. Hand operated fan business idea:
14. Hand operated mixer business idea: